about me

Hi! My name is Will, and I'm a software engineer focused on performance, site-reliability, and team effectiveness. Before becoming a software engineer, I taught middle school English for two years in rural Yunnan with Teach for China. Class-sizes of 55-60 made me passionate about the potential & importance of ed-tech; it's the reason I'm currently working at ClassDojo and was why I learned to program in the first place. (Speaking of ClassDojo, I've worked there for 8 years because I've loved the mission & the engineering culture.)

In my personal life, I enjoy D&D, fun fantasy & YA novels, 3d-printing coasters, bad wordplay, and slacklining. My wife and I live in New Mexico with a prancy pooch and a ferocious feline.


about this site

This site was an excuse to play with AWS, bash, HTML, CSS, and Make. It's static, doesn't use any frameworks, and should hopefully be acceptably fast even on slower connections. Building it from scratch was fun, even if it was was a bit of a bad idea productivity- and quality-wise.

The favicon for the site comes from twemoji.

things I learned building it: